Edgeboards and Cardboard tubes

We produce a wide range of edgeboards, cardboard tubes and other elements, using Bio quality materials, meaning solid cardboard laminated with water-based PVA adhesive, in order to provide high quality packaging protection and maximum transport safety.


We provide a wide range of packaging products from 100% recyclable materials



Made of multi-layer solid carton, designed to protect products of any shape or size


Flat cardboard

Separates and protects various goods, created to replace materials such as MDF, PAL etc. which are difficult to recycle


Wrap around

Edgeboards for protecting products with round or irregular shapes


Cardboard tubes

With large diameters and with various applications in construction or other industries


Dunnage bags

To avoid collapsing and consequently damage the goods during transport


Frame packaging

A solid solution, designed for durable packaging with multiple applications


Cardboard pallets

A 100% recyclable, hygienic product that does not require fumigation treatments, easy but resistant


Pallet foots

Used for making cardboard pallets, resistant to humidity


Slip sheet

An ideal substitute for wood pallet, especially when transporting goods in containers when looking to saving space and weight


Corrugated packaging

We produce a wide range of corrugated packaging, classic & self-closing boxes, pallet boxes, printed or laminated boxes, displays and separators, using high quality materials to deliver complete packaging solutions and maximum transport safety.

Offset and digital printing

We have the ability to print offset on large surfaces up to 860mm x 1260mm or digital at widths of 1370mm on paper / plastic or 2400mm on rigid support. We can produce one, two or full color prints, even special colors on various types of materials.


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