the green solution

Sufitech is an edgeboard manufacturer using 100% recyclable laminated cardboard, offering modern packaging solutions for transport protection to its domestic and foreign partners.

We offer a viable, insect-free and completely recyclable solid carton solution without any fumigation processes involved. We constantly improving our solutions for the benefit of our customers. We can supply products anywhere in the world, but considering our local requirements. Our packaging systems are used by a wide range of steel and aluminum producers in food, agriculture, computers and electronic products.


Short history

Founded in 2001, Sufitech began its operations in 2004, when the first cartonboard line arrived from Finland, which was about to produce the first edgeboards in 2005. After only 5 years, in 2010, a second line was bought from France, which was installed and begun the edgeboard production in 2011.

This not being enough, in 2014 we expanded our business and brought a line of cardboard tubes from China, which was installed in 2015 when we also started the production of cardboard tubes. We don’t know what’s gonna happen next, but we have the ambition to say we won’t stop here!

Our goal is to become a global supplier offering products and services to partners around the world

Sufitech manufactures, sells and promotes price-competitive & good quality cardboard packaging solutions, for a better protection during transportation, which does not harm the environment.

The ECO solution for transporting

It is not always good to replace wood in the packaging, but in most cases a modern recyclable cardboard solution can do more or less the same.

Fresh and innovative ideas

One important thing for us is to increase the customer satisfaction through the constant development of products, processes, quality and services based on their feedback.

ISO Certifications​

Starting with 2005, Sufitech LTD has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 and an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of SR EN ISO 14001: 2005.

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